About the Attorneylady_justice

Back in the 80’s, Rebecca Northcutt was a loyal, hardworking Letter Carrier for the United States Postal Service.

In 1991, she was severely injured on the job. However, even after 10 years of distinguished service, and despite completing form after form and submitting mountains of medical reports, she was denied her Workers’ Comp benefits.

She faced mounting medical bills, dwindling savings, and was in constant debilitating pain. Exasperated by the continued bureaucratic runaround and denials, yet determined to prevail, Rebecca sought competent legal assistance for over two years without success. She even contacted her Congressman, who though sympathetic, was unable to provide any real assistance.

Faced with overwhelming odds, she did the only thing she could. 

Instead of going postal…

… she went to law school.

Realizing that her injuries were permanent, Rebecca also filed for OPM Disability Retirement and was likewise denied. Before even finishing law school, she prevailed in three federal appeals and was awarded retroactive Workers’ Comp. pay, medical benefits, and her OPM Disability Retirement Pension.

Since that time, she has helped hundreds of disabled individuals, including dozens of government employees, to preserve their rights and obtain their benefits.

When it feels like the waves are crashing down on you, Rebecca has the unique knowledge, perseverance, and passion to help you safely navigate the treacherous waters of Federal Disability law.

If you need someone who will fearlessly and tenaciously stand up to the Feds on your behalf, please call for a free initial consultation.